How payroll works

Set up payroll settings

Administrators set up pay codes, and assign each employee a payroll rate and overtime rule or pay rule so pay can be calculated.

They also configure any settings required for users to record their time, such as setting up and assigning timesheet and time punching functionality.

They typically set timesheet periods to match your organization’s payroll cycle, so work hours will be ready when payroll needs to be generated.

Record time worked

Employees record time they worked, either in a timesheet or by punching in and out via the CloudClock or the Replicon Mobile app. If they record time through punching in and out, their time can be viewed on timesheets for formal approval.

They can also submit time off bookings for any time they’ll be absent.

Approve time and time off

Once submitted, timesheets and time off bookings are sent to each employee’s assigned timesheet or time off approver.

Approvers view timesheets and bookings to confirm that time and time off are recorded accurately, and approve or reject each. If rejected, the employee can correct the item and resubmit it for approval.

View pay details

Once work hours and time off is approved, payroll managers can use the Payroll Workbench to review pay information. They can view each employee’s hours and pay broken down by pay code.

They can also view any time off and expense reimbursements your organization owes.

Ensure payroll data is ready for use

Payroll managers can check the status of timesheets for payroll periods they’ll be processing, either in the application or in reports.

If they find approval of a timesheet they need has been delayed, they can override the normal process and approve items themselves. They can also be allowed to submit timesheets and time off bookings on behalf of employees, if required.

Export payroll data

Payroll managers can use the Payroll Workbench to select data for inclusion on pay runs, check that the data is accurate, and then download the data for use in third party payroll applications.

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