Using Replicon to prepare payroll

If you aren't yet using the Payroll Workbench, refer to Viewing and exporting pay details for information on preparing payroll.

Replicon’s Payroll Workbench lets you assemble, review, and download data for use in your payroll provider from a single location.

This feature offers:

Before you can use the Payroll Workbench, you’ll need to ensure the download format for your payroll provider has been added.

Then, you’ll be able to carry out the following steps to prepare payroll:

  1. Select and review the payroll data you plan to export.
  2. Create a pay run.
  3. Downland the pay run.

When selecting payroll data, you can include prior period adjustments, to account for changes made to items you included in a past pay run. You can also check how pay was derived, in the case of audits or employee inquiries.