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By Steve Brooks – February 19, 2021

Replicon has announced that Readiness IT, a digital transformation consultancy with more than 400 people headquartered in Portugal, has selected Polaris PSA. This is one of the first new customers highlighted by Replicon since it launched Polaris PSA last year. As Readiness IT is a company that works with technology companies such as Oracle and Salesforce, it is a significant win for Replicon. Readiness IT are also members of the Scrum Alliance and and would have wanted to select a PSA that supports Agile methodologies for projects and waterfall.

The project will see the replacement of several point solutions Readiness IT used to track project time, resource availabilities, and billing data. With access to data from across the organisation within a single view, business leaders can make better-informed decisions quicker.

Carlos Paiva, Portfolio Manager, Readiness IT, commented: “Streamlining project and resource management across IT Readiness was one of the biggest challenges for our leaders. While there were tools in place to track project time and manage resources allocation, it was very inefficient.

“Managers spent an exorbitant amount of time collating the information needed for analyzing how their employees spent time on projects. Polaris solved the time tracking and staffing process issues we faced with our earlier solution. The staffing workflow process in Polaris matches 100% with the process Readiness IT was looking for. Powerful reporting capabilities gives our project managers the insights they need to control the progress and execution of projects.”

The project

Readiness will deploy elements from across the Polaris solution. This includes the collaboration capabilities that will enable resource managers to consult with project managers about their requirements. Other components include:

  • SmartMatch: A collaborative resource management tool that reveals the project skills required and the consultants that match them.
  • SmartBeats: Real-time updates of project issues to highlight issues as they arise, enabling project managers to keep their finger on the pulse of every project
  • Governance: Tracks and manages the definition of processes, workflows, and metrics for projects, resources, and financials.
  • MissionControl: Provides dashboards offering a real-time view of key metrics performance from across the organisation. Hitherto, this holistic view was not available.
  • SmartBudget: Ensures that revenue and pricing are optimal to measure true resource costs, utilization and maximise margins.

Readiness IT will take advantage of a modern cloud-based, mobile-enabled solution. Consultants can access Polaris, whether working from home or one of the six international offices where Readiness IT operates. Polaris includes mobile applications that allow a consultant to complete timesheets and expenses on the move and cut down wasted time. While the press release talks about integration, it does not reveal which systems readiness IT will integrate it with. It may include Salesforce, for which Polaris has a connector on the Appexchange.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is the kind of announcement that Replicon needs more of. Having announced the launch of its new PSA, there has been little to demonstrate that it is winning new business. Readiness IT is a significant win. If the solution is successfully implemented, might it consider becoming a Polaris partner?

Raj Narayanaswamy, co-CEO at Replicon, commented: “We are really excited to partner with Readiness IT to help them uncover opportunities in project delivery, bidding, utilization, expenses, and billing to drive profitability.

“Polaris continuously harvests data from users and systems to deliver real-time visibility into 100% accurate data. These real-time insights lead to more agile responses, and more rapidly getting and keeping resources, projects, and finances on-track and optimized. These are key elements to delivering on the needs of Readiness IT.”

As 2021 unfolds, will Replicon announce more wins and implementations? Not just in Europe but also in the US as well?

Original Source: Enterprise Times

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