Project and Client Management

Advanced Project Tracking
  • Create and manage multi-level client projects in seconds, define project milestones and set up budgets
  • Track project status in real-time and get instant visibility into project costs and revenue
  • Roll-up projects into programs and get full visibility into profitability and performance
  • Make proactive decisions and manage your service delivery
Client Billing Software

Holistic Client Management
  • Use historical project information to negotiate your client contracts better.
  • Get a centralized view of all your clients and projects.
  • Manage billing rates and permitted expenses for each client.
  • Access detailed information about project hours, costs, billing, and profitability.
Configurable Time Tracking

Intuitive Time Capture
  • Configure your timesheets to capture the information your business needs.
  • Track billable and non-billable hours by project and easily assign it to single or multiple clients even when you are mobile.
  • Give your supervisors and clients better context around your time entries with comments.
  • Ensure your data is as per your organization’s policies with business validations.

Intelligent Approvals
  • Define approval workflows that make sense for your business.
  • Include project managers, clients, and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure approvals are completed on time with alerts and notifications.
Client Billing Management

Flexible Billing Rates & Contracts
  • Handle complex contracts within the system as per your customer needs.
  • Set billing rates at client, project, or role level to match your contract requirements.
  • Model hourly, daily, or monthly rates to capture billing information at the required level of granularity.
  • Define and manage billing for fixed-bid or time and materials projects with ease.
Client Time Billing Software

Manage End-to-end Billing Workflow
  • Transform contract terms to billable data in real-time with a powerful billing generator engine.
  • Handle consolidation, amendments, routing for billing approvals, billing data integration to ERP, invoice generation, and payment or receipt reconciliation from our platform.
  • Align delivery and finance teams using our collaborative platform based on a system of work done.
  • Model billing requests and approvals workflows with an integrated BPM engine.

Billable Targets
  • Enable your supervisors and managers to setup monthly targets at an individual level.
  • Set accurate targets at different levels by rolling up individual billable hours to a group, business unit, or organization.
  • Easily handle reduced work hours and exceptions such as holidays or non-working days.

Supercharged Billing Productivity
  • Give your supervisors and executives real-time visibility into billable hours through advanced reporting and dashboards.
  • Manage performance and accountability with access to historical trends and real-time billable target progress.

Revenue Recognition
End-to-end Services Revenue Recognition Management
  • Model Revenue contracts the way your business works.
  • Comply with industry standards – ASC 606 and IFRS 15 — without breaking existing processes.
  • Quickly reconcile revenue with contracts, WIP, and billing.
  • Generate accurate revenue forecasts informed by complete real-time data.
Services Revenue Recognition
Flexible Invoicing Engine

project invoicing
Invoice Creation
  • Match your complex billing needs with flexible project invoicing.
  • Generate invoices based on your contractual invoice periods.
  • Easily invoice your globally distributed client base with multi-currency support.

Invoice Management
  • Group and summarize invoice data and apply invoice workflows.
  • Configure invoices using our templates and quickly share them with your customers.
  • Easily manage payment terms, aging, and tracking of overdue invoices.
  • Achieve complete control over client invoicing and manage invoice adjustments, exceptions, and delinquencies with ease.
Enhanced Resource Management

Improved Resource Visibility
  • View all resources across the organization and manage their allocation.
  • Filter based on a number of criteria and look at the exact allocations you need.
  • Toggle between daily, weekly, and monthly views.
  • Assign resources to projects on the fly.

Optimized Utilization
  • Easily spot under or over-utilized resources using a graphical calendar.
  • Report on utilization with dynamic charts and reports.
  • Motivate employees by showing them their utilization metrics.

project billing software
Simplified Project Allocation
  • Quickly locate resources based on availability, skill, department, and other criteria.
  • Assign resources to projects in seconds.
  • Allocate resources to projects by percentage or hours per day.

Accurate Forecasting
  • Use “placeholder resources” on pending projects to account for resource needs.
  • Gain visibility into future availability of specific consultants.
  • Analyze future resource requirements by skill and hire or train resources proactively.

Advanced Analytics
  • Get real-time visibility into client, projects, resources, and billing using our out-of-the-box reports.
  • Look at the big picture using our dynamic summary charts and dashboards.
  • Configure the reports to match your organization’s reporting needs.
  • Stay on top of business metrics like billing, WIP, utilization, margins, etc. and make proactive decisions.

Seamless Integrations
  • Seamlessly integrate Replicon TimeBill with other systems within your professional services ecosystem.
  • Easily share data with CRM, HR, PM, accounting, ERP or other proprietary systems using our pre-built connectors and integration services.

  • Track and approve client project time and expenses even on-the-go.
  • Upload digital receipts and reduce lost information.
  • Eliminate submission and approval delays.
  • Capture client project data anytime, anywhere, even when there is no connectivity, and sync data in seconds.


Product Add-ons


Collect billable and reimbursable expenses for your projects in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

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time off tracker


Know your resources availability by tracking time off in the same unified platform.

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