Setting up timesheet templates

Looking for help with this feature in Polaris? Check out Setting up timesheet templates in the Polaris help.

Are you setting up legacy timesheets?
This topic covers setting up 'configurable' timesheet templates, which are available in later versions of Replicon. If you're using an older version, you won't have access to many of the features available in this newer timesheet format.

However, you can configure legacy Standard and In/Out timesheets. For more information on these formats, refer to Setting up legacy Replicon timesheets > Setting up timesheet templates.

A timesheet template is a group of timesheet settings that is assigned to users. Each timesheet user must be assigned a timesheet template in their user profile before they can record time they spent working.

Templates allow you to manage different settings for different types of users. For example, you might want to allow only a certain set of users to enter time against projects. In this case, you could create a timesheet template with project options enabled, and assign it to that set of users.

Default timesheet templates are available that you can use or edit to meet your requirements. You can also create as many new templates as you need.

What timesheet formats are available?

Our latest timesheet format, sometimes called a configurable format, offers:

  • Flexible time entry options – users record the time they worked by entering durations or in and out times, or by punching in and out
  • Advanced validation rules and timesheet submission conditions
  • The option to allocate any recorded hours to tasks, billing rates, activities, and custom fields

With this format, users enter time in the web application. Depending on their timesheet configuration, they may be able to enter time in the Replicon Mobile app as well.

When you create a template, you may need to choose which timesheet format to base the template on. The available formats depend on when you started using Replicon.

Adding a timesheet template

To add a timesheet template:

  1. Go to Administration > Timesheets > Timesheet Templates.
  2. Click Add Timesheet Template.
  3. Enter a template name, and select a timesheet format if necessary.

A table listing all timesheet options that apply to the format you selected displays.

  1. Select or deselect timesheet options, as desired.

For information on the available settings, refer to Configurable timesheet template options

  1. Click Add.

You can now assign the template to users in the Timesheets section of the user profile.


Why don’t my timesheet template changes appear in the timesheet?

Changes you make to a timesheet template are only reflected in timesheets that are generated after you make the change. If you need a change to apply to an existing timesheet, you’ll need to delete and regenerate it.

What happens if we edit a template that is already assigned to users?

The new template settings will take effect for any timesheets that are created in the future. Any existing timesheets will be unaffected.

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