Adding custom help links to timesheets

If you need to provide your users with additional help or company-specific information when they're completing their configurable timesheets, you can create links from timesheets to custom content that you host.

These links will display as icons within the timesheet interface; you can choose which component each link appears beside.

When a user clicks a link, your content will display in a side panel, or in a new browser tab, depending on the option selected for that component.

This feature is available in the following enterprise products only: Workforce Management, Professional Services Automation, and Project Portfolio Management.

Content requirements

When creating the content your links will point to, note that:

  • The content can be hosted publicly or on your company's internal network
  • Only https pages are supported
  • Basic HTML is supported
  • Javascript is not supported

Adding links

To add custom links:

  1. Go to Administration > Timesheets > Timesheet Templates, and select or add the template you want to modify.
  2. Add links in the Custom help URL fields, located beside each supported component.

You can also select whether the content appears in a side panel or in a new tab.

  1. Save the template.

If a component doesn't already have a title, you'll have to add one in the title field if you want to add a help link to that component.

Supported components

You can include a link beside each of these types of timesheet components:

  • Time Distribution Grid
  • In/Out Times + Allocation
  • In/Out Times
  • Time Punches
  • Daily Fields
  • Timesheet Fields
  • Attestation
  • Notice
  • Payroll Summary
  • Target Billable Hours
  • Time Off in Lieu


Why don’t my changes appear in the timesheet?

Changes you make to a timesheet template are only reflected in timesheets that are generated after you make the change. If you need a change to apply to an existing timesheet, you’ll need to delete and regenerate it.

Why is my content showing above timesheets?

If the timesheet page is narrow, content will show above timesheets, rather than beside them.

Will the help content display in the mobile app?

No. This functionality is only available in the web app.

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