How shift scheduling works

Set up break types and shifts

Administrators define the types of breaks that shift workers will take. Then, they set up standard shifts, defining when the shifts start and end and the breaks that are included.

Designate users as shift workers

Administrators designate users as shift workers in their user profiles. Only shift workers are available for scheduling.

Assign shifts to employees

Schedule managers plan out their shift requirements and assign shifts to users.

Schedule managers can override the default shift times and enter notes for each shift assignment. They can also copy previous schedules from one period to the next.

Publish schedules

Once the schedule is finalized, schedule managers publish the shift assignments, making them visible to employees.

Review schedules

Employees review their schedule on the web, through the mobile app, or on the CloudClock.

Adjust shift assignments

As employee availability changes, schedule managers update or re-assign shifts.

Track time

Shift workers track their in and out times as well as their breaks.

Review schedule adherence

Via reports, schedule managers review whether employees were on time for their shift and whether they worked their full scheduled hours.

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