Publishing job-based schedules

This topic relates to our new job-scheduling feature. If you're looking for help with our older scheduling functionality, please refer to Scheduling your employees (legacy scheduling).

Publishing a job makes that schedule public and official; workers can view published shifts on their My Replicon page and, possibly, in their timesheet. They’ll also receive notification that a new schedule is available or that a schedule has been changed, if notifications are enabled..

Unpublished but assigned shift blocks are a solid color, with diagonal stripes.

Published shift blocks are a solid color, without diagonal stripes.

There are three ways to publish a shift for a role:

  1. Publish multiple assignments from the Job View page - Use this page if you want to confirm shifts are ready by job.
  2. Publish multiple assignments from the Employee View page - Use this page if you want to confirm shifts are ready by employee.
  3. Publish a single assignment

Publishing multiple assignments

Mass publishing publishes all the fulfilled but unpublished shifts for the week in view.

In the Job View, even shifts that are hidden under a collapsed job for that week will be published.

To mass publish:

  1. Go to Schedules, and select either the Job View or Employee View page.
  2. Confirm that you want to publish all shifts for that week, for all jobs.

The total of fulfilled but unpublished role shifts displays on the Publish button.

Using Job View, you can also expand each job in turn to check the shifts that are ready for publication.

  1. Click Publish.

Publishing a single assignment

To publish a single assignment:

  1. Click the shift you wish to publish.

Only shifts that have diagonal stripes – indicating they’ve been assigned – can be published.

  1. Move the toggle located in the lower, right-hand corner of the dialog to the right, so it turns a solid color and Publish displays.


Why does the Publish button on the Employee View page show more shifts are awaiting publish than the Publish button on the Job View page?

The Job View page only shows shifts associated with jobs, whereas the Employee View page also shows shifts created using the old scheduling UI, where jobs aren’t supported.

Why won’t a job expand to show shifts?

If no shifts are available to schedule that week, the job row isn’t be expandable.