Setting up break types

You can create break types to categorize the breaks that employees take. For example, you can define a lunch break type and a dinner break type. When defining shifts, you can schedule a break and choose what type of break it is. Users can also track break types on their timesheet or when punching in and out.

To set up break types:

  1. Go to Administration > Timesheets > Break Types.
  2. Click Add Break Type.
  3. Enter a name, code, and description.

The break will count toward overtime calculations, and break hours will export to the Regular Time pay code or to other applicable overtime pay codes, as defined by the pay rule in use.

  1. Click Add.

The break type will now be available for selection when entering time and when creating shifts.

If 'paid' appears in the Code field, that type of break will be paid. By default, rest breaks are set to be paid at the user's regular rate, while meal breaks are unpaid.

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