A project or task that a user shouldn’t have access to is available in their timesheet

If projects or tasks that a user shouldn’t be using are showing up in their timesheet, this is often because the project or task is assigned to the All Users grouping. This grouping is used to quickly make projects available to all employees, but isn’t always appropriate.

Many project managers will choose to remove irrelevant projects and tasks, to reduce project selection errors.

To address this issue:

  1. Go to Projects.
  2. Find the project that shouldn’t be available, or that includes that task that shouldn’t.
  3. Go to the Team tab and see if All Users has been added.

  1. Hover over the end of the All Users row, and click on the that displays to delete the All Users assignment.

This will remove all users from that project team, except those assigned to the team by name.

Ensure you assign all users who need to enter time against this project or task to the project team individually.


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