Assigning a project team

Team members assigned to a project are allowed to enter time and expenses against that project.

Once the project team is added, you can customize the billing rates each resource can use to bill their time, and you can assign them to project tasks.

Removing the All Users group

All users are sometimes assigned to all new projects as a group, by default. If you don’t want all resources in your system to see the project in their timesheets and expense sheets, you can remove this group.

Administrators can choose to have no users assigned to project teams by default. Refer to How do I prevent all users from being automatically assigned to new projects? for more information.

To remove the All Users assignment:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects, and click the name of the project. Or, create a new project.
  2. Click the Team tab, and ensure the Members toggle is selected.

  1. Click the  that appears when you hover over the right-hand end of the All Users row.

Adding project team members

You can assign individual users, whole departments, or role-based placeholders to a project.

Assignment of placeholders and departments is only available with products that include resource management.

For each project, you can choose whether each newly-added team member is assigned all of the existing project tasks, or no tasks. Refer to Can we assign new team members to all tasks for all projects by default? for more details.

To add team members:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects, and click the name of the project. Or, create a new project.
  2. Click the Team tab, and ensure the Members toggle is selected.

  1. To add individual users, click Add User and enable the check box beside the name of each user you want to add.

Filter or search the list, if necessary. Click Add Selected when you’re done.

  1. To add a whole department or a whole group, click the appropriate button (Add Department or the applicable add group button) and select the departments or groups from the list that displays.

You can add multiple groups, but you will have to click the Add Department button each time.

  1. To add a placeholder, click Add Placeholder and select a role from the drop-down in the dialog that displays. You can add multiple resources for the role by updating the number in the first field.

  1. Click Save when you are done.

To make choosing team members easier, you may be able to select which groups team members must belong to, using the Project Info > Assign Team From field. This will limit the number of users available for selection, and ensure only members of relevant groups are available.

Assigning project work dates

You may be able to assign work dates to team members. You might choose to assign work dates at the project level if your project isn’t granular enough to require adding tasks, but you still want to limit time entry.

You only see this option if you have Project Assignment Dates permission.

To assign dates:

  1. Go to Projects > Team.
  2. Scroll down to the resource name to whom you want to assign the dates.
  3. Enter the start and end dates of the assignment.

The resource can now record time and expenses within the date range entered.

This assignment dates feature is intended to be used instead of task-level dates and resource allocation, not in combination with those. 

This feature is only available for individual team members and not group or All Users assignments.


Should we assign tasks or team first?

All existing team members will automatically be assigned to any tasks you add. But, if you add a new team member after creating tasks, the new resource will not be automatically assigned any tasks.

Therefore, if you want all team members to be assigned all or most tasks for a project, you will save time by adding the project team first.

Is there a way to assign a whole department or all users, but exclude just a few users?

No. If you want to assign only part of a department to a project, you must assign each resource individually.

Why would we add individual users, rather than just adding the All Users group to a project?

You might want to prevent some users from accessing the project in their timesheets and expense sheets. Or, you might want to add individual users in addition to the All Users assignment to set up unique billing rates that only some users can use. Plus, you can only allocate individual users.

What’s the difference between assigning and allocating a resource to a project?

Allocations are only available if you’re using RepliconPSM and RepliconPPM or the Resource Management app. When you assign a resource, you can choose what tasks they are allowed to work on. When you allocate a resource, you can choose when they work on any given task.

Why aren't all project users available to assign to my project?

It is possible to limit which users can be assigned to a project based on their group assignments:

Check the Project Info page to see if any groups are selected under Assign Team From. If groups are selected, you'll only be able to assign members of those groups to your team.

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