Customizing billing rates for a project

For each rate-based project you manage, you can customize which system-level rates are available for use in the project, and the value of each. You can then assign rates to team members.

To customize rates:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects, and click the name of the project. Or, create a new project.
  2. Click the Billing Rates tab.
  3. To add a rate to the project, click Add Billing Rate, and select a rate from the drop-down that displays. Repeat until all rates you need have been added.

  1. To edit a rate, click the rate’s value.

A Manage Rate dialog displays. You can either change the initial rate:

Or you can add a new rate with an effective date:

In the latter case, the rate will take effect, and the initial rate will no longer be in effect, on the effective date you choose.

  1. To delete a rate, find the row for the rate you want to delete, and hover your mouse over the right-hand side of the row. Click the  that displays.


Why can’t I click the Add Billing Rate button?

This button is faded out and cannot be clicked if all system rates have already been included in the project, so there are none left to add.

If I add a rate that used to be assigned, will its assignments be re-enabled, too?

You can remove or re-add rates to a project at any time. Any rates you re-add will not be assigned to users.

If I update the value of a rate in a project, will that affect its system-level value?

No. The system-level values can only be changed on the Administration > Projects > Billing Rates page. Any change you make to a rate applies only to the project where you made that change.

How does project billing work?

Refer to Setting up a project for billing for information on this.

We created a project using the wrong billing type. How do we change this?

Please to this topic for help: We created a project using the wrong billing type. How do we change this?

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