Setting up your project for billing

If you need to set up a billable project in Replicon, ensure the following settings are in place, as required:

  • When you create the project, choose the project’s billing type (Time & Materials or Fixed Bid)
  • Assign a client to the project
  • For Time & Materials projects, customize system-level rates for use in project, and assign rates to resources
  • For Time & Materials projects, designate each project or task as billable, non-billable, or both
  • For Fixed Bid projects, specify the billing time period (each week, each month, or at the end of the project) and the fixed amount that will be billed for the time span selected

How rates work in Time & Materials projects

Administrators set up default project, user, and custom rates, if applicable, that serve as initial rate values when you add a Time & Materials project:

  • The project rate, defined at Administration > Projects > Billing Rates, is assigned to all new projects you add by default
  • User-specific rates are defined for each user in their user profile
  • Custom rates may be used to bill for a particular role or type of work. For example, your company might bill out all of the Senior Developers in your organization at the same rate. In this case, your administrator might have defined a Senior Developer rate that you use whenever work for that role is billed.

For each project you manage, you can customize which of these system-level rates is available and the value of each. You can then assign rates to team members.

Setting up billing for a Fixed Bid project

A Fixed Bid project is set up just as other projects are – you assign a client, tasks, a team, and other project information, as you might in any other project. However, its billing setup is unique.

To set up billing for a Fixed Bid project:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects, and click the name of the fixed bid project. Or, create a new fixed bid project.
  2. Click the Billing Rates tab.
  3. Click the  icon that displays on that tab.
  4. Select the billing frequency, and add the amount that will be billed for that time period.

  1. Click Save.


Can we bill multiple clients for a project?

No, each project can be billed to a single client only.

How is billing calculated for Time & Materials projects?

The total billable amount for a project is calculated by multiplying each billing rate used in the project by the number of billable hours worked at that rate, then summing the total for all rates used.

Can rates be defined per task?

No. If you have different task-based rates, consider asking your system administrator to set up a custom project rate for each type of task.

Can resources enter expenses against a Fixed Bid project?


Why doesn't a billing amount display in the project status summary bar for my project?

The project status summary bar that displays at the top, right-hand corner of the project page will not display a billing amount if no time has been billed against the project. Also, no value will display if you're using a fixed bid project, since the billable amount never changes for fixed bid projects.

We created a project using the wrong billing type. How do we change this?

Please to this topic for help: We created a project using the wrong billing type. How do we change this?

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