Assigning billing rates to team members

Once you’ve customized what rates are available in your project, you can assign rates to team members.

If you assign one rate to a resource, all of their billable time for that project will be billed at that rate. If you assign a resource multiple rates, they will be able to choose which rate is used for the billable work they carry out in their timesheet.

To assign a billing rate:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects, and click the name of the project. Or, create a new project.
  2. Click the Team tab, and ensure the Members toggle is selected.

  1. In the Billing Rates column, click a link.

    A rates bubble displays.
  1. Select the check box beside each rate you’d like available for the user or group.

Optionally, you can choose which rate is selected in the timesheet by default, by hovering over the rate, and clicking the Set as Default option that displays. Setting a default can help save time if one rate is used more often than the others.

  1. Click Done.


How does project billing work?

Refer to Setting up a project for billing for information on this.

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