Why isn't a certain project available in a user's timesheet?

Occasionally, users can't see projects they should have access to -- sometimes even projects they previously had access to --  in their timesheet.

There are a few possible reasons for this:

  • The project has been marked as completed, deferred, cancelled, or archived

In this case, the project won't be available in timesheets that were generated after the project status was changed. Change the status to In Progress to allow entry of time against it.

  • Time entry against the project has been disallowed

Ensure the Allow Time Entry against Task Only option is disabled for the project.

  • The resource isn't assigned to the project

In this case, no error will display to the user’s timesheet, but the project won’t be available to add in the task selection field.

Add the resource to the project to allow entry of time against it.

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