If a user is required to book time off using two or more different time off types then the user needs to ensure that they are booking partial days instead of Full Day.

Steps to setup partial day booking:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet as an administrator or with an account that has administrative rights.
  • Click on Administration tab in the top menu and choose System Preference.
  • Under the General tab, go to Time off section.
  • Ensure that Minimum amount of time off required in bookings is set to <None> and Require start/end times for partial day bookings is enabled.
  • This will ensure that, when the user requests for a time off, the user can raise two or more time off requests for the same day.

Steps to book two different time off types for the same day:

  • Log into Web TimeSheet with permission to book time off.
  • Click on the Book Time Off button.
  • Choose the Time Off Type.
  • Choose Partial Day Off from the drop down.
  • Provide the Hours and the start time, and Submit.
  • Press on the Book Time Off button again.
  • Choose a different Time Off Type and set to Partial Day Off.
  • Provide the Hours and the start time, and Submit.


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