Banking overtime

You may be able to bank overtime hours you work, and use those hours to take time off later. Depending on how your Replicon Administrator has set up your timesheet:

  • You may be able to choose whether you want to bank overtime hours, or
  • Your overtime may be banked automatically when you save your timesheet

Overtime is banked against your Banked Time time off type. Banked hours can be used just like any other type of time off.

Your overtime hours are always banked at your overtime rate. For example, if you are paid time and a half (1.5x your regular rate) for overtime and you bank two overtime hours, three banked hours will become available for you to use.

Choosing to bank overtime

If you can choose to bank overtime hours, you’ll see a Bank Overtime Hours check box at the bottom, left-hand corner of your timesheet.

To bank overtime you’ve worked:

  1. Enter all hours in your timesheet.
  2. Check the hours summary bar in the top, right-hand corner of your timesheet to confirm overtime hours are available to bank.

  1. Enable the Bank Overtime Hours check box.
  2. Click Save.

All overtime hours in your timesheet will be banked. Any additional overtime hours you save in your timesheet after enabling Bank Overtime Hours will also be banked.

About automatic overtime banking

Your administrator may have set things up so that some or all of your overtime is banked automatically when you save your timesheet.

If all of your overtime is automatically banked, you will have no Bank Overtime Hours check box, and all overtime hours you enter in your timesheet will be banked automatically when you save it.

If only some of your hours are automatically banked, a Bank Overtime Hours check box will appear in your timesheet, but it will only apply to certain overtime hours, as defined by your administrator.

For example, your administrator may have specified that all hours you work beyond 10 in a day are banked automatically, while you have the choice to bank any hours you work between 8 and 10 in a single day.


Will my banked hours ever expire?

Not typically. In most jurisdictions, your employer must pay you for any banked hours you do not use. Talk to your supervisor if you have questions about using your banked overtime.

How can I see how much overtime I’ve banked?

Check your time off balance for the Banked Time time off type.

How soon can I use hours I’ve banked to book time off?

Banked hours are available to use as soon as you save your timesheet.

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