Tracking your bank adjustments and balances

A bank is a deposit of accumulated work time that is assigned to a user that they can use to take time off.

You may be assigned one or more banks, each with its own bank rule, which is used to calculate whether banked hours are added to your assigned banks.

For example, you may be assigned a bank rule that accumulates any hours you work above your scheduled hours in a bank.

Refer to Setting up banks for more information.

Viewing your bank balances

To view your bank balances, go to My Replicon > Banks.

This tab shows your assigned banks. For example, in the image below, the bank is called Above scheduled.

The table for each bank shows its adjustment history, and its current balance. You can use the filter at the top of each table to adjust the date range in view.

Adjustments are not made until your timesheet is submitted.

Viewing your pending bank adjustments

You may also have a component on your timesheet that shows the adjustments that will be made to your bank balances when you submit that timesheet.

Remember that your adjustments are calculated based on the bank rule or rules assigned to you.

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