You can specify if the user's set hours per day should be automatically added to each holiday. You might want to do this so that users do not have to manually enter these hours, and to ensures holiday time off is entered against the correct time off type. The holidays that are auto-populated, with user hours, are those specified in the user's assigned holiday calendar. 
To enable Auto-Populate Holiday Hours feature:
  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights.
  • Click on Administration tab at the top.
  • In the left side menu, click on Time Off Types located under Time Off Setup.
  • Under Time Off Type for Holidays is, click on the Edit icon and select the Time Off type that you want the system to auto-populate on the user's timesheet as holiday time.
  • Now, check off the Populate holiday time on the timesheet option.
  • Click on Save.
To disable Auto-Populate Holiday Hours:
  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights.
  • Click on the Administration icon at the top menu bar.
  • Choose Time Off Types option from the left panel, found under the Time Off Setup category.
  • Select the Edit icon (represented by the icon of a paper/pencil) next to Time Off Type for Holidays is and set it to None (Note: holiday hours will not be pre-populated, even if the Populate holiday time on the timesheet option is checked).
  • Click on the Save button.
  • Alternatively, just uncheck the Populate holiday time on the timesheet and click on the Save button. 
Holiday auto population is available for users with Web TimeSheet Time and Attendance edition license.
If there are users added to Web TimeSheet with only Project and Billing seat assignment, then this feature will not work.
Enabling the auto-populate feature will affect only the future timesheets.
If you need the holiday time to be populated even in the users historical timesheets, then those timesheets will need to be recreated.
Recreating a timesheet would involve deleting of user's timesheet for those time periods wherever you like holidays auto-population to take place.
Before deleting any timesheet, it is highly recommended that, the administrator runs TimeSheet List report and export all users timesheet period that needs to be recreated.
This will make it easy for the end users to fill their timesheet with the same time data as earlier.
If you still experience any issue in auto-populating holiday time on users timesheet, then please follow the below steps.
  • Log into Web TimeSheet with administrative rights.
  • Click on Administration icon at the top.
  • On the left side pane, click on Users, and from the list of users, Edit the profile of those users, whoever has trouble populating holiday time on their timesheet.
  • Make sure that Seat assignment section under Access tab, has 'Time and Attendance' enabled.
  • Now, click on Advanced tab.
  • Make sure, there exist a Holiday Calendar that matches the user's region.
  • Click on Time off tab and make sure the correct time off type (which was enabled under auto-populate holiday's section of Time off setup) is enabled.
  • Click on Save. Now, check if users can see their timesheet populated with Holiday time. If issue still persists, then please contact Replicon Support.


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