Holiday hours do not auto-populate on timesheets

Looking for help with this feature in Polaris? Check out Holiday hours do not auto-populate on timesheets in the Polaris help.

There are a few possible reasons why timesheets you’ve set to automatically populate with holiday bookings might not auto-populate:

  • The Automatically Add Holiday Time to the Timesheet option is unchecked at Administration > Timesheets > Timesheet Settings
  • The Time Off Type for Holidays option at Administration > Time Off > Time off Settings is not set to Holiday
  • The holiday was added to the employee’s holiday calendar after the timesheet was generated
  • The holiday calendar was assigned to the employee after the timesheet was generated
  • The holiday is a partial-day holiday, and the holiday time off type uses days, not hours
  • The user wasn't scheduled to work that day
  • If the holiday policy includes a balance limit, and they don't have sufficient time off left in their balance for the holiday booking
  • The holiday is a partial-day, and the time off type requires start and end times to be recorded

If holidays did not auto-populate:

  1. Ensure the issues listed above have been fixed.
  2. Go to Administration > Company > Holiday Calendars, and click the calendar for the holiday.
  3. Click the  icon for the holiday.
  4. Click Add Bookings.

A booking for the holiday will be added to all users. However, if a holiday booking already exists for a user, no new booking will be added.


How do I fix existing holiday booking that include an error?

Refer to this topic for more information.

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