Align your entire client billing workflow from Sales to Project Management and Finance in one unified platform.

You no longer need to fret about inadequate resources, inaccurate project estimates, or improper pricing for future services.

optimize service delivery

Optimize Service Delivery

Empower your business with complete visibility and insight into client project progress to make proactive decisions.

increase billable hours

Maximize Utilization

Boost your billable hours and pipeline with real-time oversight into resource allocations and availability.

client time billing software

Bill with Confidence

Quickly invoice clients and gain control over cash flows with a centralized view of all clients and project time tracking information.

increase profitability

Increase Profitability

Optimize your revenue generation at every level to ensure profitability with visibility into both holistic and granular details.

Everything you need to manage your professional services in a unified platform.

Gain instant visibility into all the metrics you need to stay on top of project delivery, resource productivity, billability and profitability. Become the world-class services organization you have always dreamed of.

project time billing software
Project Performance

With Replicon’s real-time project status and resource availability, project managers can now be proactive in addressing delivery and project cost issues.

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Resource Optimization

Resource managers get real-time visibility into global project resource availability and allocations, making it easy to maximize their billable utilization.

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Optimize resource allocation
Project Time Tracking Software
Services Profitability

Unlock profitability potential with flexible contract modeling and complete visibility into services time.

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Revenue Recognition

Generate accurate revenue forecasts informed by complete real-time project data. Quickly reconcile revenue with contracts, WIP, and billing.

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Optimize resource allocation
Plan for the Future

Easily check for trends and plan effectively for the future projects, resources, and profits with readily available historical data and budgets.

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project time tracking

Go Mobile

Get the most out of your client projects even when you are mobile. Easily submit and approve time and expenses from anywhere, anytime. Manage delivery with real-time visibility and maximize your professional services business profitability.

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Mobile time tracking app

“All our time, expense and resource information is so tightly aggregated, we can easily measure performance and quickly reset if necessary.”

Jamie Holmes, Consulting Managing Director, Xoomworks
Replicon TimeBill Capabilities

Service Delivery
  • Instant project updates
  • Client allocation
  • Estimates vs Actuals
  • WIP management
  • Practice management
  • On-time delivery

Billing and Revenue
  • Services Contracts & Billing Rates
  • Billable hour targets
  • Billing Workbench
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Fixed-bid and T&M
  • Multiple currencies
  • Enhanced invoicing

Resource Management

Absence Management
  • Self-service time off
  • Policy automation
  • Accruals and resets
  • Consultant availability
  • Intelligent approvals

Expense Tracking

Advanced Analytics
  • Real-time visibility into resources, status, costs, and billing
  • Summary charts and dashboards
  • Configurable reports


Product Add-ons


Collect billable and reimbursable expenses for your projects in real-time, any time, any where.

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Know your resource availability by tracking time off in the same unified platform.

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