Labor and Cost Management

Imagine the power of real-time project status, employee time, and streamlined approvals. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It’s not hard to see the advantages of complete oversight. You’ll know exactly how your employees are performing at all times and can adjust immediately when things start to go off course. No surprises here. With TimeCost, all of your projects are thrown into sharp relief so you can always deliver against expectations.

Benefits of labor and cost management

Project set-up
Make it easy to create new projects. All key components of a project are predefined and customizable, so your managers can launch new projects in a matter of minutes.
Time and approvals
Capture employee time in a standard manner that makes time entry easy and approvals a breeze. Worried what happens when projects change or get extended? Your business processes are baked in so approvals go through predetermined workflows for quick and painless results.
Actionable reporting
Aggregate your project data without talking to a manager or piecing together multiple reports. Whether you want to assess a single project or look across projects, the data is always ready and actionable.
TimeCost features

Time tracking

Capture employee time on specific projects or tasks. With mobile access, employees can record their work without delay, and comments can be added to individual tasks to provide granular information.

  • Accurate project and task tracking timesheets
  • Automatic validation of time entries using pre-defined rules
  • Email reminders and alerts for submissions and approvals
  • Mobile access anytime, anywhere

Streamlined approvals

Align your approvals with your business rules. Our approval paths allows for quick review by project managers, supervisors, and other stakeholders, even while on-the-go. Project progress can be managed in real-time with complete visibility.

  • Real-time access to projects, hours, and costs
  • In-context summaries on every screen
  • Overview of items awaiting approval and associated approvers
  • Summary charts and dashboards for oversight
  • Budgets for cost and hours tracked against actual performance

Project oversight

Define every aspect of a project in a matter of minutes—from project managers to start and end dates, tasks, resources, and budget. Status and budget tracking are shown on every screen, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

  • Project manager designation by project
  • Resources assigned individually or by department
  • Custom fields for projects and tasks
  • Status and budget tracking

“A major advantage in using a cloud-based solution is that when auditors check our records, we can rest assured that we have identified any inaccuracies instantly so that we present a clear audit trail of where time has been spent. We are always able to know and show where the money goes and comply with the funding requirements of each and every research contract.”
Sally Scott
Head of Finance and Administration
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Simplified project time and cost tracking

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  • Time capture down to specific projects or tasks
  • Track estimates to actual cost
  • Multi-level project tasks and hierarchies
  • Configurable validations/ notifications
  • Timesheet pre-population
  • Resource assignment to projects
  • Configurable reports

Enjoy a fully customizable product with our Project Portfolio Management Solution - includes all features in Plus +

Project Portfolio Management
  • Resource management features to ensure you have the best person on the job
  • Customizable reporting
  • Program management
  • Global grouping for access control
  • Customizeable timesheet formats, validations, notifications
  • Normalization rules to allocate resource costs to projects
  • Timeoff bookings
  • Global, multilingual, multi-currency support
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