Configurable Time and Attendance Tracking
Employee Timesheets
  • Manage exempt, non-exempt, contractors, and other employee types.
  • Track regular vs. overtime hours and time worked for both salary and hourly employees.
  • Capture the total hours or in/out times and automatically add paid holidays to the timesheet.
  • Configure timesheets easily to collect custom information such as activities, shifts, locations.
  • Employee attendance tracker app to track and approve time across any device.
employee attendance tracker app

attendance tracker
Intelligent Business Workflows
  • Create and orchestrate intelligent business workflows that meet your business requirements and real-time data conditions.
  • Select from our predefined approvals library to manage your approval workflows for timesheets, time off, and expense.
  • Validate data in real-time for exceptions or events and model workflows around business specific requirements.
  • Use comprehensive workflow audits to increase transparency and accountability in real-time.
  • Make timely submissions and approvals with alerts and notifications.

Intelligent Time Clock
  • Quickly turn any iOS tablet device into a kiosk for time capture and self-service management.
  • Enable end users with advanced capabilities to clock in/out, check-in to shifts, enter time towards projects or activities, or manage breaks.
  • Eliminate buddy punching with innovative features like Face Identification or real-time image capture combined with a photo-audit trail.
  • Benefit from the around the clock device monitoring and maintenance, from our world-class support team.

attendance tracker app

Time Off Management*

attendance tracker app for employees
Automated Policies
  • Create time off, vacation, and other policies as per your business needs.
  • Set accrual rules, resets, carryovers, overdraw limits, and effective dates.
  • Increase time off allowances based on anniversary dates or promotions.

Employee Self-service
  • Enable employees to request vacation, sick, and other time off types and add specific comments.
  • Book partial or full days off based on your business policies.
  • Export time off information and share it easily with your co-workers.
employee attendance tracking software

employee attendance tracker
Enhanced Visibility
  • Get real-time information about employee time off schedules with an intuitive calendar view.
  • Make sure your shifts are adequately staffed and minimize last minute scrambling for replacements.
  • Track who is in and out on any given day to monitor adherence to business policies.
*requires our TimeOff add-on
Labor Law Compliance

Pay Rule Library
  • Utilize our up-to-date, pre-configured pay rule library to consistently apply overtime, meal breaks, and other labor laws across geographies.
  • Automate pay calculations and always be confident that you are complying with relevant labor policies.
  • Easily create and adhere to company-specific labor law requirements that you need to comply with.
  • Stay up-to-date on pay rule changes utilizing Replicon’s configurable platform.

Always Audit-ready
  • Configure reports to filter and view time and pay data the way you want it.
  • Easily access historical work hours information for internal and external audits.
  • Run simulations against historical data to see the impact of new pay-rules.
  • Stay in-the-know on compliance best practices and updates through Replicon’s resource library.
Payroll Workbench

Pre-pay Process Simplified
  • Benefit from a centralized platform to manage all time and attendance data.
  • Gain complete visibility into timesheet status and take proactive action.
  • Improve accuracy and transparency into organization critical payroll data.

Payroll Exports
  • Simply set up exports using a centralized view to quicken payroll exports.
  • Use the predefined payroll formats or configure your own to meet your business needs.
  • Easily export even to multiple payroll systems with a flexible platform.

Improved Accountability
  • Access all time data for real-time evaluation of exceptions and handling of adjustments.
  • Easily enforce organizational hierarchy and groups to align with businesses’ security policies.
  • Improve traceability with complete audit trails and access to historical information.
Schedule Management

Optimized Staffing
  • See a summary of hours worked for each employee and the shifts they were assigned to.
  • Get the right number of people to fill your shifts.
  • Filter by user, shift, location, and more to hone in on exactly the information you need.
  • Quickly make scheduling decisions while avoiding over or under-staffing.

Schedule Creation
  • Advance filtering lets you schedule shifts to one or more departments.
  • Add new shifts, change shift times, add notes, modify jobs, or change location information.
  • Assign shifts and add pertinent data to each assignment with a few keystrokes.
  • Simply copy and paste or mass edit assignments at once.

Enhanced Communication
  • Publish or unpublish schedules with a single-click to let employees know their shifts in advance.
  • Easily track shift adherence for employees and manage compliance.
  • Enable employees to view their upcoming shifts and published schedules in an instant on the web, CloudClock or a mobile device.
  • Quickly make scheduling decisions while avoiding over or under-staffing.

Reporting and Analytics
  • Run payroll, attendance, or annual summary reports for any date range.
  • Easily configure reports or filter data to see the data the way you need it to make proactive decisions.
  • Print or email reports on the fly, save to PDF, or export to Excel.
  • Schedule reports to be emailed at regular intervals.

attendance tracking app
  • Simply install and use Replicon’s mobile app on any iOS and Android device.
  • Automatically sync all information in real-time and never lose data during low network coverage with offline mode.
  • Easily track their employees’ location when they make specific time entries with GPS.
  • Get notified about any pending employee timesheets and quickly review and approve or reject directly from the app.


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