With a dispersed workforce, it may seem daunting to manage your employees, compliance, and labor costs but that need not be the case.

Stay on top of your workforce, manage schedules, overtime, labor compliance, and time off using our unified platform.

manage time and attendance

Unified Time and Attendance

Track and manage your dispersed workforce with a centralized platform for time and gross pay reducing errors and rework.

labor law compliance

Labor Law Compliance

Stay on top of your multi-state, multi-jurisdiction labor compliance needs with a pre-built global pay rule library and automate policy application.

employee scheduling

Schedule With Confidence

Gain complete control over employee availability and schedules and manage employee shift adherence in real-time.

gross pay management

Source to Gross Pay

Get complete visibility into your employee hours and pay rules to simplify the management of source to gross pay across the business.

A flexible time and attendance tracking platform for your diverse workforce and labor compliance needs.

Managing time and gross pay for your diverse workforce has never been easier. Streamline your end-end processes from time capture, approvals, pay rules, compliance and payroll exports right from our solution.

Employee time and attendance
For Your Workforce

Replicon’s cloud-based solution is for all your employee types: full-time, part-time, hourly, contractors, remote employees, and field workers, so payroll can breathe easy.

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Compliance Made Easy

With our global compliance library and configurable platform, businesses can manage labor laws and other business policies with complete confidence.

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Time and Attendance Software
Employee time and attendance app
Manage Employee Availability

Stay on top of employee availability and easily map it out to your shift needs to ensure coverage and maximum productivity.

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Payroll teams can perform end-to-end management of time data including exceptions and adjustments, increasing payroll efficiencies, reducing errors, and minimizing delays.

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time and payroll management


Get real-time control over labor costs and compliance. It is easy for your workforce to submit and approve time and expenses from anywhere, anytime. Employees get real-time access to their schedules and supervisors can manage team productivity and labor costs.

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time and attendance tracking app

“Replicon’s robust solution helps us to streamline payroll processes and is transforming the way Hyson collects, uses, and reports on time data. The integrity of our transactions has increased greatly, and we can more easily comply with labor laws.”

Dwight Warner, Assistant Controller, Hyson Products
Replicon TimeAttend Capabilities

time tracking

Time Tracking
  • Instant employee time updates
  • Punch in and out
  • Meal breaks and rounding
  • Intelligent approvals
  • Activity tracking
  • Pay rates
  • Cloud-based time clock

absence management

Absence Management
  • Self-service time off
  • Policy automation
  • Accruals and resets
  • Employee availability
  • Intelligent approvals

payroll compliance

Compliance and Payroll
  • Compliance library
  • Pay rules
  • Pay codes
  • Payroll workbench
  • Payroll exports

resource scheduling

  • Shift assignments and summary
  • Mass edits
  • Shift adherence
  • Instant communication

expense tracking software

Expense Tracking
  • On-the-go expense sheets
  • Expense policies
  • Tax codes
  • Reimbursable expenses
  • Receipts

real-time visibility

Advanced Analytics
  • Real-time visibility into your costs
  • Summary charts and dashboards
  • Configurable reports


Product Add-ons


Collect and manage employee reimbursable expenses for your business in real-time, anytime, any where.
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