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Accurately account for your R&D spend and optimize tax credits

Tax Credit

R&D tax credit is a 20 percent credit on qualified research expenditure that exceed a base amount

Businesses are not able to maximize R&D tax credits due to:
Inability to accurately capture resource time and expenses spent on R&D projects
Lack of detailed information about work done to support R&D claims
Difficulty in tracking resources who work from the field or multiple locations
Huge administrative overhead in compiling data for audit submissions
Insufficient historical information to account for future R&D credits

For accurate tracking of R&D project spend for tax credits, you need:
  • Real-time access for your workers to provide detailed updates about their R&D projects
  • Proper approval mechanism to review tasks that are eligible for R&D tax credits
  • Access to historical project information for R&D tax audits and future planning
r&d Tax Credits tracking

Replicon’s enterprise time management platform helps youget the R&D tax credits that you deserve with:

Granular capture of time and expenses across all resources working on R&D projects using Replicon TimeCost

Ability to easily normalize data to get complete visibility into project progress and claims

Advanced reporting to provide detailed information for audits and to help plan for future R&D projects

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