Replicon and Salesforce Join Forces to Bridge the Gap

Replicon’s Time Intelligence platform works with Salesforce to enable accurate project time tracking & costing to streamline billing. Configurable, mobile, agile & easy-to-deploy, Replicon provides a system of record for project time across your business.

Harness the Power of Replicon and Salesforce Integration
replicon and salesforce integration

Auto-create projects and clients in Replicon
When a deal in Salesforce meets predefined criteria such as reaching a specific sales stage, probability percentage or being of a specific type, that opportunity gets automatically added as a project in Replicon along with it’s attributes.

Real-time sync of qualified opportunities, accounts, users

Any updates to an opportunity, account, or user that are already imported into Replicon are always continuously synced ensuring your data stays accurate and up-to-date without manual intervention.

One-Click Login
Single Sign-On between Salesforce and Replicon Time Bill ensures an integrated quick and easy access for users to both systems without the hassle of remembering multiple usernames and passwords.

Hassle-free integration

Replicon’s TimeBill Plus can be installed directly from the Salesforce Appexchange platform and comes with guided, self-service app installation instructions.

salesforce time tracking

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Reap the Advantages of Both Systems Together
Client billing

Streamline the Process

Automate the hand-off between sales and services teams, eliminating unnecessary administrative tasks, and ensuring better communication.

Client billing

Customize to Your Unique Needs

Leverage two configurable systems to meet your unique CRM, sales, and project time tracking needs across many groups and locations.

Client billing

Plan Projects More Accurately

With more time to build the team and plan project tasks, the project managers can create accurate cost estimates for better pricing and bidding to improve margins.

Client billing

Improve Forecasting Precision

Accurate sales pipeline forecasts help both the sales and the delivery teams to manage their tasks more effectively and respond to dynamic changes.

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