Microsoft Project

Project Management, Unified.

Lesson the burden on your project managers by providing a unified solution that accurately tracks tasks, milestones, and resource time.
Goodbye, double data entry. Hello, bi-directional sync.

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Global visibility into projects and staffing for real-time management of project milestones, tasks and resources

Accurate project time capture with organizational approvals and validations

Improved budget-to-actual reporting with accurate project time and cost data synced automatically

Benefits of Integrating Replicon with Microsoft Project

Project Planning

Play Together Nicely

Share projects, tasks, milestones and resource assignments from Microsoft Project to Replicon with a simple click. All project time entered in Replicon seamlessly syncs back to Microsoft Project so project managers always have access to current information.

  • Auto-creation of projects and tasks in Replicon
  • Seamless sync from Replicon to Microsoft Project
  • Sharing of Microsoft Project resource assignment information to leverage Replicon’s resource management capabilities

Track Costs and Staffing

Allocate resources across your organization with global insights into time spent on projects, project costs versus budget and utilization of resources. With real-time visibility into resource usage and costs, project managers can see at a glance if projects are on track and make adjustments as needed.

  • Easy tracking of resources, time and achievement of project tasks and milestones
  • Complete comparison of baseline execution against plan
  • Eliminates over- or under-staffing of projects
Resource Planning
Project Planning Software

Implement Quickly

Utilize our turnkey solution for streamlined and successful end-to-end project management without delay. Replicon augments Microsoft Project by providing accurate employee time tracking against projects with fast time-to-value implementation.

Bulleted List:

  • Easy to get started and quick to see results with a turnkey solution
  • More reliable budget-to-actuals reporting with Replicon’s time tracking
  • Compatible with Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013

Replicon Connector for Microsoft Project

Seamless integration for a unified project management experience

Many organizations use Microsoft® Project to plan and manage projects. While it’s an effective tool to help project managers track project tasks and milestones, it falls short when it comes to tracking resource time since employees find it difficult to use and it doesn’t provide sufficient validations to ensure accuracy. Because it can’t reliably track time spent on projects or provide a global view into all resources, project managers lack visibility into how project costs are progressing against budget, or whether they are under- or overstaffed. Replicon augments Microsoft Project by providing an easy-to use cloud-based solution to accurately track employee time against projects for more reliable budget-to-actuals reporting.

Get more out of Microsoft Project with Replicon

With the Replicon Connector for Microsoft Project, project managers now have a seamless way to integrate data from Microsoft Project into Replicon to ensure streamlined, successful end-to-end project management.


Project managers can continue to create all tasks and projects in Microsoft Project and easily sync that data to Replicon, eliminating double entry. Users can then enter time against projects in Replicon and sync that data back to Microsoft Project to ensure that accurate, up-to-date time and cost information is reflected in the projects. The real-time visibility gained by project managers ensures they can easily track resources and costs, see at a glance if things are on or off track, compare baseline execution against the plan, and forecast for future planning.


The Replicon Connector for Microsoft Project is a powerful integration that creates a unified experience:

    • Streamline project management: The bi-directional sync between Microsoft Project and Replicon ensures the right data is exchanged between the two applications,
      eliminating the need for manual double entry of data.
    • Manage resources globally: Leverage Replicon’s robust resource management capabilities to allocate resources across the organization while continuing to use Microsoft Project to manage project tasks and milestones.
    • Accurately capture time spent on projects: Replicon’s leading time tracking application provides an easy way for employees to enter project time while ensuring the right organizational approvals and validations are made to ensure accuracy and compliance.
    • Improve budget-to-actual reporting: With current and accurate project time and cost data synced back to Microsoft Project, project managers are well equipped to track project costs against budgets and make needed adjustments more quickly.

Key integration capabilities

The Replicon Connector for Microsoft Project provides seamless integration that lessens the burden on project managers and increases the value of your organization’s investment in Microsoft Project.

    • Auto-create Projects and Tasks in Replicon: With a simple click within Microsoft Project, project managers can automatically sync the projects and tasks in Microsoft Project over to Replicon.
    • Sync project time back to Microsoft Project: All project time entered by employees in Replicon is seamlessly synced back to Microsoft Project to ensure the most current and accurate information is available to project managers.
    • Sync Resource Assignments to Replicon: By syncing, project managers also transfer any resources assigned to tasks in Microsoft Project to Replicon, allowing organizations to leverage Replicon’s resource management capabilities.
    • Turnkey, pre-built, and easy to implement: The Replicon Connector for Microsoft Project is pre-built and easy to implement for fast time to-value.
    • Compatible with Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013
Integrating with MS Projects
  • How long will my integration take?
    It depends on the customer’s requirements and complexity of the integration. Rest assured we will work closely with our integration parters to ensure your are up, running and syncing data quickly.
  • If I have a problem with my integration which vendor do I contact?
    Contact Replicon support, and we will work with our integration partners to ensure your problem is handled properly.
  • What browser do I need to access Replicon?
    The browser of your choice. Our only system requirement is that you have an internet connection.
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