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Your business is unique. Your workforce solutions should solve for the exact challenges you face.

That’s why we’ve thought of everything: configuration, implementation, third-party integrations and compliance — all wrapped up in convenient cloud living.

Custom configurations
Want to better manage your clients and billing? Perhaps you need a solution for your workforce or internal project management. Check out our prepackaged options for comprehensive solutions. If you don’t see a solution set that matches your business needs, never fear: our wealth of applications play well together.
Pick the solution(s) that best fit your business and get started today.
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Rapid Implementation
Our implementation team is excited to work with you for a timely and personalized rollout.We offer three implementation packages, all of which may be customized to your specific business requirements. Your successful launch is guaranteed in the experienced hands of our specialists. Get started today. See the impact on your business tomorrow.
Quick start
For businesses with a hands-on approach to integrating new solutions, this option is for you. We provide online resources and training, as well as complimentary sessions with a configuration specialist. You’ll have all the tools you need with all the control you desire.
Prefer the sure-handed guidance of a project manager? We provide a dedicated specialist who takes you through our proven six-phase implementation process. Your configuration, report setup, and integrations are taken care of on your behalf. Sit back and enjoy the results.
If your organization has complex requirements for new software solutions, you’re a likely candidate for our custom option. Whether your implementation benefits from face-to-face interactions or requires multiple integration points, we’ve got you covered.
Learn how we make implementation a breeze with our 6-phase approach
Our Implementation Approach
Third party integrations
Imagine if all of your various business solutions could talk with each other and share data. Those would be some powerful conversations. That’s why we built the RepliConnect API—to handle the talking—and then created our RepliConnect platform to provide the meeting place. The best news? Our robust web services tool already talks to many project management, HR, accounting and ERP systems, which makes for quick integrations. If your third-party or proprietary software isn’t yet part of the conversation, we work with you to bring them onboard.
Incorporate Replicon into the tools you already use
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We’re rule followers. Every certification, audit, security layer, network protection, recovery system and authorization you can imagine is in place to ensure that your data is always behaving properly and fully supervised.

SSAE 18 Compliance
Application Security
Network Protection
Disaster Recovery
Cloud Convenience
Only the most secure and fully accessible platform should store your data. If multi-location and fully redundant cloud platforms make you swoon, we can’t wait to tell you about our seamless weekly updates and no-hassle maintenance. Your data has never looked so good as when it’s housed in our best-in-class cloud solutions.
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Multi-tenant platform
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