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Rapid Implementation

Our implementation team is excited to work with you for a timely and personalized rollout. We offer three implementation packages, all of which may be customized to your specific business requirements. Your successful launch is guaranteed in the experienced hands of our specialists. Get started today. See the impact on your business tomorrow.

Quick Start

For businesses with a hands-on approach to integrating new solutions, this option is for you. We provide online resources and training, as well as complimentary sessions with a configuration specialist. You’ll have all the tools you need with all the control you desire.


Prefer the sure-handed guidance of a project manager? We provide a dedicated specialist who takes you through our proven six-phase implementation process. Your configuration, report setup, and integrations are taken care of on your behalf. Sit back and enjoy the results.


If your organization has complex requirements for new software solutions, you’re a likely candidate for our custom option. Whether your implementation benefits from face-to-face interactions or requires multiple integration points, we’ve got you covered.

Learn how we make implementation a breeze with our 6-phase approach

Rapid Implementation

Phase 1. Define

We want to know your business! Your implementation consultant starts you on the path to success by asking about the key challenges your workforce faces and by determining the technical requirements of your selected solutions. Once this assessment is complete, we get really personal and provide a customized rollout plan designed for your business. Included are project milestones and deliverables — as well as success criteria to match your goals and needs — to ensure a timely, pragmatic, and scalable launch.

Rapid Implementation

Phase 2. Configure and Integrate

Once we understand your requirements, we configure the solutions to match your business needs. Sit back and relax while we import data from your existing systems, manage your configuration, setup custom reporting and integrate any third-party or proprietary systems. Our weekly status review calls provide you with updates so you’re never in the dark.

Rapid Implementation

Phase 3. Training

Time to learn! We provide a comprehensive training program to match your users and selected solutions. Included are detailed product overviews, role-specific training, and any other end user training that may be needed, including train-the-trainer sessions. Online tutorials and documentation are provided for reference and to facilitate a smooth transition to your new solutions.

Rapid Implementation

Phase 4. Acceptance Test

We want you to love us. Before your final build is released into production, we must pass your user acceptance test. This phase ensures that we configured your system correctly and any integrations are seamless. A group of users is given a sandbox environment to play in and thoroughly test without harm to your final production system. Any issues that arise will be addressed before sign off.

Rapid Implementation

Phase 5. Deploy

You’re ready for prime time. With testing complete, your solution moves into the production environment. Employees can now access and use the system. (Cue the cheers!) If needed, configuration settings can be adjusted throughout this deployment phase to further hone the solution. Once again, you can sit back and relax. Your employees now have a powerful workplace solution, configured with their exact needs in mind.

Rapid Implementation

Phase 6. Success Criteria

Your success is our number one goal. Before your implementation consultant’s work is complete, the success criteria from phase one goes through review and sign-off to ensure the system is running smoothly and matches your expectations. Then it’s time to celebrate and transition to your dedicated Customer Success Manager for future questions.

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