Setting the status of an invoice

As an invoice makes its way through the billing cycle, its status can be tracked in Replicon.

Each invoice has four possible statuses. The status applies to all billable items you’ve added to the invoice.

  • Draft – The invoice is still open and in progress
  • Issued – The invoice has been finalized and sent to the client
  • Paid – The client has paid the invoice
  • Void – The invoice has been voided, and the items made available to add to other invoices

When updating the status of an invoice, you cannot skip states. For example, if an invoice has a status of Draft, you cannot move it directly to Paid. You must first move it to Issued.

The current status of the invoice is shown in the top right corner of the invoice. 

You advance the invoice status by clicking the appropriate button in the top left corner of the page. For example, to move the invoice from Draft to Issued, click the Issue Invoice

The buttons shown are always appropriate to the current status of the invoice. For example, an Issued invoice has an Add Payment button. 

Paid invoice has a Remove Payment button. If a payment bounced, you'd use this button to move the status from Paid back to Issued.

The current status is also shown on the invoice list page.


Does setting the status to Issued send the invoice to my client?

Setting the status of the invoice and sending the invoice to your client are separate manual tasks.

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