Sending an invoice to your client

Replicon's invoicing system allows you to email a link to an invoice directly to your client. Before you send the invoice, make sure your administrator has set up your invoicing template.

To send an invoice to your client:

  1.   When you are done creating and making adjustments to your invoice, click the Preview button to see a preview of your invoice.

  1. Review the snapshot of the invoice that displays to confirm it is correct.

  1. Generate an email message with a link to the invoice by clicking the Email button.

  1. Edit the email draft to customize the message, then click Send to send it to your client.

Alternatively, you can print the preview of the invoice and mail it to your client. Once you have sent the invoice to your client, be sure to set the status of the invoice according to your company policy.


Does sending the invoice to my client update the status of my invoice?

Sending the invoice to your client and setting the status of the invoice are separate manual tasks.

How do I add a payment amount to an invoice?

To add a payment to an invoice, go to the invoice and click the Add Payment button to access a dialog where you can enter information about the payment.

Can I attach a file to an invoice?

No, files can't be attached to invoices in Replicon, though you can add text notes that include links.

Can we connect our banking system to make or receive invoice payments?

No, there's no way to connect to a banking system through Replicon.

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