Voiding or deleting an invoice

You may wish to void or delete an invoice if you want to consolidate the items with those on another invoice, or if the invoice was created in error.

An option to void or delete an invoice is available depending upon the current status of the invoice. For example, if your invoice is in the draft state, an option to delete it is available. If your invoice has already been issued, an option to void it is available. If you delete an invoice it will be removed from the system. Voiding the invoice will retain it in the system.

To void or delete an invoice:

  1. Go to the Billing > Invoice tab, and select the invoice you want to void or delete.
  2. In the top right corner of the invoice page, click Void Invoice or Delete Invoice, depending on which is available. 

  1. Click the Void Invoice or Delete Invoice button on the dialog that displays.

If you have voided the invoice, the invoice status changes and shows in the ribbon on the invoice.

If you have deleted the invoice, you are returned to the invoice list page. The items that were on the voided or deleted invoice are now available to add to another invoice.

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