Creating a new invoice

When you are ready to bill a client, you can create an invoice to send to them.

When you've finished creating the invoice, you can generate a preview of it, send it to the client, and update the status of the invoice according to your company policies. Or, you can keep the invoice open and add more items later.

To create an invoice:

  1. Go to the Billing > Invoice tab.
  2. Click Add Invoice.

  1. Complete the fields on the invoice that displays. Note that:
      • The Client field is required
      • You can edit the Invoice # manually, if desired. Otherwise, the system will assign a number when the invoice is issued
      • Altering the Date Of Issue or the Payment Terms automatically adjusts the Payment Due Date
      • Taxes are added automatically, based on the tax profile assigned to the client
    1. Add billing line items to the invoice. These can include billable items and ad hoc items.

Your changes will be saved automatically.

Adding billable items

You can add billable items such as timesheet entries, expenses, or fixed bid items. To do this:

  1. Click Time Line Items, Expense Line Items, or Fixed Bid Line Items depending on the type of item you wish to add.

The select line items dialog displays.

  1. Select the invoice period using the date selector. Or, use the quick links to jump to a specific period.

  1. Alter how line items will display on the invoice, if desired. To do this, click the  icon next to the Summarize By filter in the top, left-hand corner of the page.

For example, you may wish to sort time line items by timesheet period.

Click the Generate Line Items button to apply any new summary options you've selected.

  1. Remove any items you don't want on your invoice by deselecting the check boxes next to them.

  1. Click the the Add Selected Line Items button.

The line items display on the invoice.

You can use the Group by filter above the line items to further adjust how line items are grouped.

Adding ad hoc items

You can create ad hoc items for costs you want to invoice that aren't accounted for by timesheets or other project expenses. It can also be used to provide a discount to the customer.

  1. Click Create New Line Item. A blank line item is added to the invoice.

  1. Optionally, associate a project with the item by clicking the icon to the left of the item, selecting a project, then clicking Save.

  1. Enter a description, units, and rate for the item.

Generating a preview of your invoice

When you are finished adding items to your invoice, you can generate a preview of what it will look like when it's sent to the client. The preview shows what the invoice will look like when formatted using your invoicing template.

To see a preview, click the Preview button.


Why can't I see my fixed bid project when I generate invoicing line items?

Fixed bid projects that are billable at the end of the project will become available for invoicing once they've been assigned Completed status. Fixed bid projects that are billable weekly or monthly will become available for billing at the end of each week or month of the project.

Can I edit timesheets after they've been invoiced?

Yes, providing the Prevent Changes to Invoiced Timesheets workflow condition isn’t enabled in the timesheet’s template. Refer to Correcting billing errors for more information.

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