Track Grant Fund Usage across
Multiple Sources and Projects

Keep comprehensive records of work done and face audits with confidence


According to Effective Philanthropy, 77% of non-profit organizations believe that using technology will improve their effectiveness

Do you face these issues in tracking your grants?
Inability to distinguish between time spent on different grants
Lack of specific, detailed information to account for all work done
Difficult to track employees who work from field or multiple locations
Huge administrative overhead in compiling data for compliance audits
Insufficient information to plan for future grants

For simplified grant management, you need:
  • Real-time access for your grant workers to provide instant, detailed updates about their work
  • Ability to tag specific projects and tasks to respective grant sources for accurate accounting
  • Complete historical funds and usage information for audits and managing future grants
Grant Management Software

Replicon’s enterprise time management platform helps yourgrant management efforts with:

Easy capture of resource time and expenses on specific grant related work using Replicon TimeCost

Full visibility into budgets and actual spend to reduce risk of going over the limit

Advanced reporting capabilities to prepare for audits and plan for future funding

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