Simplify Source to Gross Time Tracking for Payroll

Manage time as an asset to improve payroll accuracy and lead times

Employee Time Tracking
Total Payroll Costs

Errors from manual processes can account for 1-7% of total payroll costs.

Businesses run into these challenges in managing employee time tracking for payroll:
Employee time tracking from multiple locations
Employees work from multiple locations and sometimes remotely
tracking employee time overheads
Manual processes increase admin overheads in tracking employee time
gather data to track employee time
Lack of centralized data to gather time inputs prior to payroll runs
compliance errors while tracking employee time
Inconsistent application of pay rules causing errors and compliance issues
employee timesheet approval
Needing to approve and reapprove incorrect timesheets

For complete control over your source to gross pre-payroll process, you need:
  • An intuitive time tracking solution that is easy-to-use and drives rapid adoption among your diverse workforce
  • Centralized management and application of pay rules to adhere to labor laws
  • Easy reporting and analytics to be able to derive quick insights from the time information
Employee Time Tracking Software

Replicon’s employee time tracking software enables businesses to get the most out of their time with:
Unified Employee Time Tracking on any Device
Time Tracking on Cloud
Simple time capture across the entire workforce and instant approvals using Replicon TimeAttend
time tracking for enterprise
Advanced configurability to meet any business processes, pay rules and compliance needs around time tracking for the enterprise
real-time employee time tracking
Complete visibility into employee time that enables proactive decisions to improve productivity

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