To transfer data using Web TimeSheet Integration Manager for QuickBooks:

  • Determine how the Web TimeSheet and QuickBooks data structures relate to one another.
    Depending on the direction of transfer, the data structure relationship determines either:
  1. Where Web TimeSheet projects and tasks will be placed in QuickBooks.
  2. Where projects and tasks should come from in QuickBooks.
  • Ensure all the prerequisites for transferring the data type.
    Typical prerequisites involve configuring Web TimeSheet or QuickBooks, or ensuring supporting data is available in the destination application.
    Example: Before transferring Time Entries to QuickBooks, you must first ensure the user that submitted the time entry exists in QuickBooks as an employee.
  • If you have made any changes or additions in either application since launching the integration module, select Refresh Connection from the Options side menu to ensure the data available for transfer is current.
  • Select the data type to be transferred from the Navigation side menu.
  • Follow the steps as guided by the transfer wizard. If prompted, specify the relationship selected in Step 1. A relationship must be defined if transferring Jobs/Items or Time Tracking data types.
  • Transfer the data.
  • Review the transfer results that the wizard provides.

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