Introduction to the Replicon API

Replicon's API lets our customers create custom applications using their Replicon data.

For example, you might use the API to:

  • Sync Replicon data with a master data system
  • Export Replicon data to payroll processing software

The API user guide is available in the Developers section of the Replicon help.

Looking for help with Replicon's last generation Gen2 RepliConnect API?

Click the link to download a PDF version of our RepliConnect documentation.

API scope

We offer details about each key Replicon operation on our reference pages. Refer to Viewing the available API operations for more information on the operations we offer.

Accessing the reference pages

If you open a reference page using these links or the ones in the side menu, you'll be prompted to log in to Replicon, and you'll automatically be authenticated for basic testing:

Projects | Tasks | Clients | Billing & Costing | Activities | Users | Security | BI Services


If you don't have a Replicon instance, you can sign up for a trial here, or browse the reference pages using these links:

Projects | Tasks | Clients | Billing & Costing | Activities | Users | Security | BI Services

Webhooks API

Replicon also offers a webhooks API you can use to set up event-triggered notifications. Refer to Setting up webhooks to trigger event notifications for more information.

Other resources

If you have any questions or issues while using the API, please contact Replicon Support.

For information on our in-house custom development services, contact your Customer Success manager.

For more information about using the API, select topics from the side menu.