Viewing the available API operations

You can view the most popular operations available in the API using these reference pages:

Projects | Tasks | Clients | Billing & Costing | Activities | Users | Security | BI Services

Clicking the links above will prompt you to log in to an existing Replicon instance; once logged in, you'll be authenticated for basic testing. If you don't have an instance, you can sign up for a trial here, or browse the reference pages using these links:

Projects | Tasks | Clients | Billing & Costing | Activities | Users | Security | BI Services

On each page, operations are organized into functional groupings.

Any helper operations you’ll need are listed at the bottom of each page, under:

  • Tenant-scoped URI lookup operations, and
  • Batch management

If you can’t find the operation you’re looking for, refer to this page.

Viewing the fields for each operation

Click the row for each operation to view more details about it.

Example Value view

The Example Value toggle shows you the JSON code for an example call. In most cases, the example reflects all parameters available for the operation. However, for longer operations, the example is the minimum required to successfully complete a call.

You can use the examples to make test calls.

Schema view

Click Schema to view the list of parameters for the operation. This view includes each parameter’s data type and format, and whether each parameter is required.

Click the arrows to expand and collapse parts of the parameter structure and hide or show details about the parameters.

Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Child required fields can be excluded if you don't need to include the parent field. 

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