Exporting time data using the Time Workbench

Replicon's Time Workbench allows you to easily export raw time entries and related data from Replicon, with full tracking of deltas. Customers export time data so they can upload it into third-party systems, like SAP, where they can use it to carry out payroll, billing, and other processes.

Tracking deltas means the Time Workbench tracks all entries that have already been exported, allowing you to export only entries that were added or have changed since the last export.

For simple time exports that don't require tracking deltas, you can use the Time Entry Details report template.

Using the Time Workbench

To use the Time Workbench, users need a Cost Manager permission profile assigned to them, with Time Workbench permissions enabled.

To use the Time Workbench:

  1. Ensure the download file format you plan to use for the export has been added.
  2. Select and review the time data you plan to export.
  3. Freeze data into an export, to ensure other users can't make changes to data while you're validating.
  4. Export the frozen time data.

What you can export

The Time Workbench can export:

  • User, employee ID, user status, login name, email address, current supervisor
  • Hours, including time off hours
  • Entry date
  • In/Out in and out times
  • Punch In and out times and dates
  • Last modified date time (UTC)
  • Timesheet period
  • Approval status
  • Time entry ID, time off booking ID
  • Timesheet comments
  • Project, task, client, activity, break type name, code, and description
  • User group name and code
  • Time off type name and description
  • Program, billing rate name
  • Custom fields for users, time entries, punches, projects, clients, tasks
  • Export status, number, description, creation date 
  • Fixed values

We may be able to export other types of data as meta data. Contact your Customer Success manager or Replicon Support for more information.

The Time Workbench supports export of data gathered on configurable timesheets only.


How is the Time Workbench different from the Payroll Workbench?

The Payroll Workbench exports time and payroll data, including the pay codes time is associated with, whereas the Time Workbench exports time entry data and related data only. The Time Workbench exports a single row for each time entry, unlike the Payroll Workbench where exports are often grouped by user or pay code.

We need to export several times a day. Is there a way to automate exports?

Replicon can create affordable automation options to meet your specific requirements. Contact your Customer Success manager or Replicon Support for more information.

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