Web TimeSheet administrator has two instances of Web TimeSheet application by company names A and B. He also uses QuickBook to integrate Web TimeSheet with QuickBooks. He wants to integrate the data for both the companies using a single instance of Integration Manager.
It is possible to use a single instance of Integration Manager for two or more than two instances Web TimeSheet. To resolve this requirement, follow the steps given below:
  • Open Quick Book book with the company file A.
  • Then launch the Integration Manager and provide the URL of Web TimeSheet with the company key A and the user credentials.
  • It would then connect to Quick Book where the user is logged in as the Quick Book Administrator for Company A.
  • Then we can transfer all the data which the administrator wants to transfer after mapping them accordingly.
  • Then click on Configuration on the left hand side of Integration Manager and then click on Import and select a location to save the QuickBooks integeration mappings for Company A.
  • Close the QuickBook Integration Manager.
  • After that we need to go back to Quick Book and then click on File –> Company File and switch to the other company file B, else we would get the Error: The company file cannot be closed as it is used by another application (which would be the Integration Manager). Hence, follow step (6) to switch to other company file.
  • After that launch the Integration Manager and then click on Options on the left side of the screen.
  • Once done, we get the login URL of Web TimeSheet. Change the Company Key to Company B and enter the credentials of the administrator.
  • Click on Connect and then it would connect the Quick Book Integration Manager to the second instance of Web TimeSheet and also the Company file B in Quick Book's.
  • Once done we can transfer the data from the application to QuickBooks and also follow step (5) to save the mappings on the system.
  • Hence, when we connect to Company A we can export the mappings from the saved location and transfer the data and do the same for Company B as well.
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