When doing Timesheet transfer for billing purpose from Web Timesheet to QuickBooks, the following error message occurs,

"QuickBooks could not process the time entry for User."

The detailed error message will look like this:

"Time [in row 1] and for date [ 24th Mar 2011] of Timesheet [19 Mar to 25 Mar] for user [ Cheryl Cohen] associated with project [Bid Gainer] for client [Bid Gainer ] did not transfer successfully to QuickBooks. Row level changes that were made have been rolled back. Possible Reason : QuickBooks could not process the time entry for User [ Cheryl Cohen]. Reason from QuickBooks : QuickBooks could not process the time entry for User [Cheryl Cohen]. "

This issue is caused when there is no timesheets generated in QuickBooks for this user.


  • Click on Employee Center and select the employee who was getting the error message.
  • Then click on Time Entry on menu options and select Use Weekly Timesheets.
  • This causes timesheets to be generated for this user.
  • Then select the date to match the dates in Web TimeSheet.


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