When the QuickBooks Integration Manager (QBi) is launched, it checks for updates and connects to the Web TimeSheet. After it connects successfully to Web TimeSheet, it tries to connect to QuickBooks during which it launches a secondary window of QuickBooks, which gives the following message:

The secondary window of Quick book is open and would have restricted access as compared to the primary window.

This prevents the user to integrate and transfer data from Web TimeSheet to QuickBooks. Because, if the secondary window is closed then the QuickBooks Integration Manager gives an error message stating the QuickBooks is not open.
However, when QBi is launched on a computer running Windows XP, it connects to QuickBooks without any error and it does not open a secondary window.

Compatibility issues faced by QuickBooks 2011 when running on Windows 7.

Please follow the steps given below:

  • Right click on the QuickBooks icon placed on the desktop.
  • Click Properties in the drop pop up list.
  • It would open the Properties Window of the application.
  • Click on Compatibility.
  • Make sure that under Compatibility, Run this program in compatibility mode for is checked and it should be Windows XP SP2.
  • Under Privilege Level, make sure that Run the program as an administrator is checked.
  • Click on Apply and OK.
  • When done, re-launch QBi and then it would not launch a secondary window any more.

Refer attached image.


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