You may occasionally find you need to correct or alter an item that you've submitted. The table below outlines whether you can access your timesheets and expense sheets once you've submitted them.

Type of Item

Can user unsubmit if item is awaiting approval?

Can user reopen if item is approved?


Only if assigned Unsubmit timesheet permission

Only if assigned Allow reopen of timesheet after approval

Expense sheet

Only if assigned Unsubmit expense sheet permission


For time off bookings, you can always edit your own bookings that have not yet been approved, without first having to unsubmit or reopen the booking.

If a time off booking has been approved, you may still be able to edit it, depending on your permissions. You may be allowed to edit future bookings only, past bookings only, both, or neither. If a booking is associated with an approved timesheet, you'll need to reopen the timesheet (if you have permission to do that) before you can edit it. Edited bookings and reopened timesheets will re-enter the approval process from the beginning.

Replicon administrators can typically unsubmit or reopen any item – talk to them if you want to edit an item and aren't able to access it.

If you are a Replicon administrator, and need help:


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