Submitting timesheet entries ahead of timesheet submission

Some users are allowed to submit time entries from a timesheet before submitting the entire timesheet.

Submitting entries early gets them approved faster, so your company can bill the client and get paid faster.

Submitting entries

When an entry is complete (i.e. you’ve worked the recorded hours, and entered any needed comments), you can submit it.

To submit timesheet entries:

  1. Add entries to your timesheet (and allocate them to projects, if you're using an in/out timesheet).

All entries will automatically display with an enabled submit check box beside them.

  1. Disable check boxes for any entries you don’t want to submit at this time.

You can select or deselect every unsubmitted entry in a row by clicking the Select links available by hovering over each column:

Or row total:

  1. Click Submit X Time Entry(s) – X will be replaced with the number of entries selected.

The entries will be submitted. Each row that includes submitted entries will become uneditable – including project, task, activity, or billing rate you entered the time against – so that you can’t update these details.

Your timesheet is still open, and will remain so until you submit it (or until it is auto-submitted). You can continue to submit entries, as needed, until that time. Any unsubmitted entries will be automatically submitted when you submit it.


Why do I have to submit my timesheet if I’ve already submitted all its entries?

You have to submit the entire timesheet because:

  • You might have an approver who only approves your whole timesheet once it’s submitted, and
  • Timesheets can’t currently be included in Replicon invoicing if they’re not submitted

For some users, timesheets automatically submit when they’re due.

When should I submit entries?

You can submit an entry as soon as its complete, and typically submitting earlier is better than later. Talk to your supervisor or project manager if you’re not sure about when to submit entries.

Can I reopen an entry I submitted?

You might be able to, depending on your permissions. If you have access, you'll see a Reopen Row link if you click the icon a the end of each row.

And a reopen entry link in the  bubble for each entry.

Reopening an entry on a submitted timesheet automatically reopens the whole timesheet. However, if you reopen a whole timesheet, individual entries will not automatically reopen.

Can I delete entries?

You can delete entries if they're unsubmitted, or if you have the ability to reopen rows.

Why is there a message in an empty cell in my timesheet?

This message:

Hours were previously submitted, This entry must be resubmitted to clear out the hours.

displays if you submitted, then later deleted an entry. Resubmission is required to balance accounting for that entry. For example, if 4 hours you worked were exported, then you deleted them, that deletion needs to be recorded.

What do the icons that display in the cells mean?

An icon representing each entry’s approval status displays in each cell: for awaiting approval, for approved, and for rejected.

Plus, the icon, which clicked, shows any comments or validations that apply to the entry, the time entry approver, and a link to the approval history for the item.

Why are some cells underlined?

A red or orange underline shows entries with validation errors or warnings.

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