What is a time entry submission workflow for timesheets?

Typically, an entire Replicon timesheet is submitted and approved as a unit. And, a typical timesheet can take some time to prepare for export, since billing managers have to wait for the entire timesheet to be completed, and then approved.

So, we offer another option for customers who need timesheet data available for billing quickly, soon after work is complete: time entry submission workflows.

With a time entry submission workflow, the employee can submit each timesheet entry as soon as that work is complete, allowing approval to happen right away, and allowing work time to be exported and billed quickly.

Setting up a time entry submission workflow

Time entry workflows are available in Time Distribution Grid and In/Out + Allocation configurable timesheets.

To set up this workflow, configure timesheet settings as usual, but...

When you add the Time Distribution Grid or In/Out + Allocation component in a timesheet template, in the Time Entry Workflows section that appears, ensure the Submit Time Entries permission is enabled. You can update the reopen permissions.

We recommend adding the Prevent submission if time entries not submitted workflow condition to the template.

Time entries are usually automatically submitted when a timesheet is submitted; but, this rule ensures submitted timesheets never include unsubmitted entries, in those rare cases when auto submission won't automatically occur (e.g. when there are rejected entries on the timesheet).

Ensure the Employee: Time Entry is rejected and Approver: Time entries are waiting for approval notifications are enabled.

In user profiles, ensure the Time Entry category is enabled on the Notifications tab.

Go to Administration > Timesheets > Time Entry Approval Paths, and create any approval paths you need

Also in user profiles, assign a time entry approval path, on the Timesheets tab.

If you can’t see time entry approval pages or fields, check that you have these permissions enabled in your Administration permission set: Time Entry Approval Path, Time Entry Approval Paths, and Time Entry Conditional Approver Rules.


How do users submit individual entries?

Refer to Submitting timesheet entries ahead of timesheet submission for information on that.

Who approves entries?

You assign time entry approvers by creating time entry approval paths and assigning them in user profiles. The project manager typically approves time entries.

Approval of time entries is completely independent of timesheet approval, meaning each is assigned a separate approver, and timesheets can be approved while entries are still awaiting approval, and vice versa. You can set timesheets to be auto-approved, if only the time entry approver needs to approve timesheet data.

Timesheets must be submitted for invoicing of entries to occur, even if all entries have been approved.

Does the entire timesheet still need to be submitted?

Yes, if you want data to be available for invoicing or payroll, or approval by other managers. When a timesheet is submitted, all unsubmitted entries are automatically submitted.

If I reopen a timesheet, do entries reopen?

No, entries remain as they are. However, if you reopen a time entry, its timesheet will automatically reopen.

Can we export entries using the Payroll Workbench?

No, time entry submission is not compatible with payroll exports, and these entries are not available via the Payroll Workbench. This is because this workflow is typically only used to speed up billing; payroll timesheets are usually treated as a single entity, and not as individual entries.

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