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Attained better visibility into employee availability

Solidified a culture of accountability and productivity among employees

Gleaned deeper insights into the habits and pattern of workforce

For people who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare, asbestos related cancer, the health and legal ramifications are massive. People affected by this type of cancer are entitled to high quality legal help.


That’s where law firms like Simmons Hanly Conroy, LLC (SHC) come in. SHC has helped individuals and families recover millions in compensation for these types of cases. The firm strives to provide first-class, sophisticated counsel to its clients in mesothelioma and asbestos, dangerous drugs and devices, consumer protection, mass torts and class actions, sexual abuse, environmental commercial, and personal injury.


With over 70 attorneys in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Alton, Illinois, in addition to an extensive medical team, discovery team, and bankruptcy team, SHC employees want to ensure they’re always in a position to offer a helping hand.


It starts with the staff
Every payroll period, the SHC HR staff found themselves scrambling to understand how employees spent their time to ensure accurate timesheets. It was a highly manual process riddled with potential errors.


These manual time-tracking processes left a lack of structure and effective time tracking. The more information that was needed, the more paper push- ing started to creep into the workplace. The time accounting process was onerous and tedious – over 300 timesheets per pay period required manual review. There were always last minute estimations which meant relying on someone’s memory and ability to recall exactly when they started working, took lunch, and left for the day for days or weeks at a time.

“We have employees and clients everywhere. On any given day, a good percentage of our population is out on the road traveling, meeting clients, and before Replicon there was no way to accurately document how they spent their time or how many clients they were able to work with that day. ”


Creating visibility through accountability
Putting Replicon CloudClock in place has been transformational for the employees at Simmons Hanly Conroy. With the shift in accountability and real-time clock capturing, SHC has been able to accrue more granular data into when, where and how long employees are actually working.


“We have a CloudClock mounted right on the floor so it’s easy and in your face as you come in the door or leave the office for lunch or at the end of the day. For the folks out on the road, we’ve taken advantage of the slick mobile app which also captures location so we always know our employees are safe,” says Liz Cowell, a payroll administrator at SHC. “It also cut down our payroll team’s overhead time from a tedious nine-hour bi-weekly process down to just 30 minutes.”


By keeping Replicon as for a reliable system for managing employee time, leave and absences, SHC has been able to derive greater benefits from Replicon than just basic time tracking. They have been able to automate time-off accrual policies, automate usage and balance tracking, ensure compliance with overtime regulations using the compliance library, and ensure they know who’s working, and where at any point in time. In fact, SHC has found a use for Replicon to – in the case of emergency – determine who is physically present in the building and account for all employees.


“Replicon’s time and attendance solutions allow us to glean deeper insights into the habits and patterns of our workforce,” says Amy Barboza, “Time is one of our greatest assets as a company, and we’ve ensured that there’s no more guessing when it comes to reporting it – both on the go and in our multiple offices across the country.”

“It’s also cut down our payroll team’s overhead time from a tedious nine-hour bi-weekly process down to just 30 minutes. ”

The Results

  • Reduced payroll team’s overhead time from a tedious nine-hour bi-weekly process down to just 30 minutes
  • Centralized information about employee availability and attendance increased accounting accuracy and reduced administrative overhead.
"Time is one of our greatest assets as a company, and we've ensured that there's no more guessing when it comes to reporting it."

Amy Barboza

HR Director

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