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Revenue Leakage

Professional Services firms can leak up to 10% of revenue due to inefficient processes

How inaccurate tracking of billable hours can lead to revenue leakage:
Lack of visibility into project resources’ work for clients
Increased errors in tracking projects leading to inaccurate billing
Inability to capture detailed information on tasks
Lack of integrated invoicing means increased lead times
Delayed updates lead to missed billing opportunities

For complete control over your project’s billable hours, you need:
  • Ability for your consultants to provide real-time client, project and expense information from the field
  • Capture of detailed information on work done for clients to help justify the billing
  • Easy modeling of client contract rates to be applied to the project work
  • Quick summary view of work done and amounts by client to manage invoices
Track Billable Hours

Replicon’s enterprise time management platform enables businesses to bill their clients accurately with:

Simplified time capture and approvals for billable and non-billable hours, and expenses for office and mobile workers

Automatic application of billing rate calculations to ensure fast, accurate client billing using Replicon TimeBill

Holistic view of project costs and client margins to manage profitability in real-time

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