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Time Tracking App for Consultants

Replicon’s time tracking app for consultant helps track productive hours efficiently without disrupting the consultant’s work.

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Time Tracking App for Consultants using different Mobile devices

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What is a Time Tracking App?

A time tracking app is an application that is used by an enterprise to keep track of the productive hours of an employee or a resource. The app tracks start and end time, breaks, overtime, etc. Using the time tracker app, one can gain insights on how much time was spent on different clients, projects, and tasks at a granular level. Time Tracking apps record the time input and automatically calculate the total hours worked by the employee by following the formula of subtracting lunch breaks and adding overtime hours. The resulting duration is the total productive hours of the employee.

The app calculates the employee’s wage based on the hours worked. This is done based on current state labor laws on hourly wage and overtime pay.Time Tracking Apps can be used on multiple devices like desktops, mobiles, and tablets and can track time on the go. Consultants too can use a Time tracking app to keep track of the number of hours worked on a particular project. The app helps consultants to keep their tasks organized and consolidate their efforts made towards completing a designated task of a project. The app tracks time on the go and from anywhere around the globe.

Importance of Time Tracking App for Consulting Firms

The time tracking app gives your firm an insight of the project cost, the schedule of team members, and how much effort is made towards completing a designated task of a project by tracking the productivity of an employee or a resource.

Forbe’s article on Time Tracking shows how efficiently one can manage their time and how time management plays an important role in today’s business.

Using Time Tracking App, it is easy to organize resources with the tasks of a project. This helps in smoother time management, resource management, workforce management, and client management.

Importance of Time Tracking App for Consultants

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How do Consultants track their time?

Consultants usually track their productive hours manually which is time-consuming and can often lead to overbilling for a client. Most of the consulting firms do not have any clarity on clients’ hourly billable hours. An automated time tracking app can make a consultant’s job easy by organizing the tasks and time spent on the tasks hand-in-hand which results in efficient execution of the designated tasks and also streamline the task execution and client management process. The Consultant has to input his/her start and end time for each task and for breaks taken if any. This time is calculated for the total hours spent on a task. Clients get a clear picture of the billable hours of the Consultant and thus avoid overbilling.

Advantages of Time Tracking App for Consultants

Benefits of Time Tracking App for Consultants

Less Time on Billing: Time Tracking with an App is less time-consuming and quickens the process of calculating billable hours.

Nurture Client Trust: Consultants can now share an in-depth report/invoice to their clients about the billable hours, time spent on a project, and the total cost of the project, and this helps build a better relationship with the client.

Seamless Integrations: Time Tracking Apps seamlessly connects with all devices; mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It does not require any additional software and can be installed with the existing system.

Downloadable Reports: Time Tracking Apps give a comprehensive and in-depth report on the recorded time. This can be exported and downloaded in various formats.

Predict Future Project Costs: With the recorded data, future project costs can be predicted. It becomes easier to give accurate quotations to future clients.

How Replicon Supports Time Tracking for Consulting Firms?

Tracks Consulting Work: Replicon’s Time Tracking App is a fully packed application that is versatile and can be customized according to user requirements. It does everything that a user needs to manage time efficiently. The features can be customized according to a consultant’s need and help them organize their work.

Accurate Client Billing: Consultants work on a project basis and their time spent on a project is recorded by Replicon’s Time Tracking App. It gives clients a clear idea of the total project cost. This helps efficient resource management.

Global Labor Compliance: The vast inbuilt library compiled by Replicon has details of labor laws of all states and regions. These laws are applied while calculating the Consultant’s work hours and wages.

Seamless Integrations with Other Systems: You can now seamlessly connect Replicon’s Time Tracking App with other platforms that are in current use such as Slack, Quickbooks, etc. The process is easy and data can be quickly shared from within your ecosystem.

Importance of Time Tracking App for Consultants

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Replicon does not only support time tracking for Consulting firms. It also supports project costing, increases profitability, and much more. Through Replicon, consulting firms can gain an insight into their time spent on projects and help organize their schedule. Consultants can now eliminate time-related challenges with Replicon’s Time Tracking App for Consulting Firms.

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