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3 Steps To Improve Your Professional Services Organization

Historic Struggles for Professional Service Firms and How To Fix Them

Services Firms Face Challenges Around

project planning psa

Project Planning

Comprehensive project planning can make or break your profit return and even your relationship with the client.

professional services software

Project Visibility

Lacking real-time info on a project’s status undermines your ability to identify potential cost or schedule overruns.

billable psa software

Billable Hours

Optimizing billable hours while also empowering your workforce is the bottom line. And a hard balancing act.

3 Ways to Grow Your Services Firm Profitably


Plan Ahead

Things To Consider

professional services automation challenges

Increasingly risk-averse clients are turning to fixed rate jobs.

psa projects

The fluctuating needs of the market can make it hard to hit targets.

So, to plan better…

billable hours professional services

Managing employee skillsets and workloads helps optimize returns.

psa project planning

Historical data allows you to give realistic deadlines and project quotes.


Adjust Accordingly

Things To Consider

Cost of Overrun

professional services automation

Only 40% of projects meet schedule, budget, and quality goals.

professional services organizations

The average cost of an overrun project is an additional 30% to the project.


psa software

69% of firms list “managing changes in client expectations” as one of their top issues.


that also listed poor communication and understanding client expectations as an important issue.


also had trouble appropriately matching employee skillsets to tasks in real time.

Adjust In Real-time

Project Visibility

psa project visibility

Inability to see a project in real time leads to inefficiency in addressing potential overrun.

Evaluating Project Data in Real-time

psa project date

Get in front of potential problems by evaluating project data in real-time. This allows prioritization of the most important jobs with the best resources.


Maximize Margins

Things To Consider

psa billable hours

Maximizing billable hours while also minimizing administrative overhead is the best way to increase profits.

Utilization rates are the best barometer for measuring productivity and revenue.

professional services automation software challenges

Improving utilization rates has an immediate impact on the corporate bottom line.

Maximized margins mean…

psa productivity

By sucessfully improving utilization rates in a low impact manner, companies have reported a 5%-10% increase in productivity per worker.

psa profitability

Firms using Professional Services Automation see an average of 29% profit margin on projects and a 12% increase in profitability.

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