Replicon Rostering Software - A hassle-free cloud-based solution to manage your staff schedules

The Recent economic changes have had greater implications for the organizations than any other event in the last 50 years. The recovery has been slow, with widespread uncertainty adding to the problem. Additionally, recent legislation around healthcare, minimum wage increases and FLSA compliance is likely to add to the financial woes of organizations.

If organizations have a manual time and attendance tracking process, that coupled with weak timesheet controls and compounded by human error, results in hidden costs that add up quickly. This is particularly true when companies are spread across multiple sites, or have a mix of employees ranging from remote and on-premise, exempt and non-exempt, or have multiple clients and projects. With such complex workforce attributes, it is not surprising that managers may be unable to properly optimize scheduling and allocation due to lack of insight into their workforce, which in turn affects overall productivity.

Organizations need to do all they can to manage their workforce effectively keeping them happy and productive. This is where a workforce management solution can be a real boon for companies. The time tracking solution should not only be able to perform just time capture but also help with automating business rules, time off policies and have roster software part of it to help create a schedule for the employees; all of which work hand-in-hand to deliver the best results around workforce management.

Creating a Roster

Rostering software that can schedule by finding the right skills, capabilities, and labor costs can help achieve business objectives. Benefits of staff rostering software include:

Reduced Workforce Costs

A good schedule aims to reduce the overtime costs and use of costly workers and every employee gets up-to-date information about the times they need to work, days they are not scheduled to work, breaks and other relevant information before hand so that they can plan accordingly.

Increased Productivity

ostering applications improve productivity by removing manual processes making it easy for employees & supervisors to exchange information about schedules. Decision making becomes rapid and time-consuming interactions are eliminated.

Improved Quality of Service

Rostering application makes it easier for companies to control and improve the service levels they deliver. There are fewer last minute changes and people are matched to the shifts as per the needs and their skills making the process effective.

As per studies by Aberdeen group, duty rostering software can greatly increase capacity utilization, improve schedule accuracy, rein in overtime costs and reduce payroll error rates. An online rostering software that works in tandem with the time and attendance solution can further make life hassle free for the customers in terms of reduced costs; free maintenance and upgrades; exceptional customer support.